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Marcelle Mogg seated at her desk

Get to know our CEO

18 August 2022
MHV experienced great change this year when Marcelle Mogg joined us as CEO. We sat down with her to hear more about her early impressions, her vision for the organisation and her hopes for the sect...
James Horton, Chair, VMIAC Committee of Management, addresses the AOD/mental health conference Working Better Together: A shared vision for AOD and Mental Health. 

Lived and living experience workforces now and into the future

02 August 2022
"In this world, our biggest challenges come from within — our ability to rethink, reframe and reimagine."
National Reconciliation Week 2022 graphic: Be Brave. Make Change.

The friends you need for unspeakable grief

16 June 2022
The musical Hamilton describes the death of a child as a “a suffering too terrible to name”. For over 40 years the Compassionate Friends Victoria (TCFV) have been confronting that suffering head on.
Charlotte Jones of the Mental Health Legal Centre stands in front of a garden in West Melbourne

Real talk about hearing voices

14 June 2022
People who hear voices can face an especially acute degree of stigma. They might be viewed as potentially angry or violent, driven to dark places by demons that whisper in their ears. “That’s not t...
National Reconciliation Week 2022 graphic: Be Brave. Make Change.

National Reconciliation Week: Balit Durn Durn Centre a step forward

30 May 2022

As we celebrate National Reconciliation Week this week, our colleagues at VACCHO are marking a significant achievement for First Nations health — the first week of operation of the Balit Durn Durn Centre of Excellence in Social and Emotional Wellbeing.

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