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Collaboration • Knowledge • Leadership

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Lee-Anne Carter, Mental Health Victoria Board Member

Lived Experience drives MHV's first Aboriginal Director

18 January 2022
Lee-Anne Carter doesn’t take her appointment to the Mental Health Victoria Board lightly. As Director — Statewide Community Justice Programs at Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service (VALS), she has se...

Spotlight: Youth mental health in rural and regional Victoria

06 December 2021
It was your typical “tree change”. Bernard Galbally was working in the music industry in inner city Melbourne, but the avid bushwalker longed to be closer to nature. So he moved with his wife and t...
Person silhouetted against window light

Eating disorders and early intervention in a time of COVID

27 October 2021
The mental health impacts of COVID-19 have been extensive and tangible. The impacts on those with eating disorders are no exception.
Kris O'Brien holding a chainsaw as he esponds to the storm damage in Victorian regional communities during the pandemic.

Recovery and resilience after disaster

14 October 2021
People respond to disasters in many varied ways. Kris O’Brien, Statewide Coordinator of Mental Health Victoria’s Lived Experience Peer Cadet Program, has witnessed this firsthand.