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Interim CEOs hit the ground running

Feb, 2022

Mental Health Victoria has appointed Larissa Taylor and Leanne Ansell-McBride as joint interim CEOs.

The appointments commenced following the departure of inaugural CEO Angus Clelland on Tuesday.

"It's a privilege to be able to fill this role," said Larissa. "Especially following in the footsteps of Gus, who left such a significant mark on the mental health sector.

"His knowledge, networks and skills are enormous. But we have picked up where he left off and hit the ground running."

Larissa and Leanne bring to the partnership diverse and complementary experiences and skillsets.

Before joining MHV in December 2020 Leanne's background was largely in the corporate and government sectors. Over the past six months she's been MHV's Deputy CEO in charge of Operations.

Larissa, on the other hand, has a background as a clinical psychologist, and at MHV has worked across projects and policy, including as Director of Policy and, most recently, Deputy CEO - Policy, Advocacy and Communications.

"With our different experiences and skills, Leanne and I make a really good team," said Larissa. "There may be a different flavour to the next few months. However in many ways it will be business as usual."

"Business as usual" for MHV means a vast amount of policy, advocavy and consultation work, notably surrounding the upcoming State and Federal budgets and elections.

It means the continuing development of new MHV business, such as its burgeoning consulting service, and organisational re-focusing aligned with the new Strategic Plan to be launched this year.

And it means a plethora of training offerings, research and projects that have long been the bread and butter of MHV.

So don't let the "interim" tag fool you. For Larissa and Leanne, this will not be a matter of marking time until a new CEO can be appointed.

"There is plenty of work to do," said Larissa. "We will not be resting on our laurels."

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