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Collaboration • Knowledge • Leadership

Mental Health Victoria Associates & Supporters

Mental Health Victoria Associate

Mental Health Victoria welcomes your participation as an Associate (organisation). Join with a community of sector influencers, becoming part of a collective mission to improve the lives of Victorians living with mental illness. From advocacy to networking opportunities, and practical resources to professional development programs, there are numerous benefits to joining Mental Health Victoria.

Please find below the fees for becoming an Associate, during 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024 financial year based on your mental health budget. Please advise us of any changes in relation to your mental health budget.

Fee tiers* are as follows:

Fee TierAnnual BudgetAssociate Fee
Level 1 Up to $100k $110.25
Level 2 $100k to $250k $367.50
Level 3 $250k to $500k $609.00
Level 4 $500k to $1m $1212.75
Level 5 $1m to $5m $2425.50
Level 6 $5m to 10m $3638.25
Level 7 Over 10m $5292.00

* Fees are GST exclusive which will be added at checkout

All associateships are based on the financial year and run from month of joining to end of June of that year. Renewals are sent annually in May each year. Your membership fee will be calculated from the month of joining. For example, if you join halfway through the year, your pro-rata rate of 50% of the full 12 months and will be calculated at check-out.

Price: $110.25
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