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Are you an NDIS Worker providing supports to people living with a psychosocial disability or mental ill-health, and looking for psychosocial specific professional development?

The Psychosocial Learning Hub is for you. Through research, co-design activities and testing, and keeping NDIS Psychosocial Disability Support workers at the centre, the PLH has been designed and built from the ground up to provide learning that:

  • Really focuses on NDIS psychosocial support work
  • Is delivered in a way that adapts to your learning needs, interests, and work demands
  • Draws from the latest in adult and workplace learning research, technologies and good practice
  • Is great value for money, and
  • Works with you, by allowing you to learn flexibly, in small bursts of time, while you are mobile.

Is this the entire PLH? Not even close! This is just the beginning of the PLH’s course menu and course schedule. We will be adding new courses to the menu each month, as well as additional course commencement dates.

Psychosocial Learning Hub – Course Calendar and Registration

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