newparadigm Winter 2018

Focusing on the relationship between physical and mental health

2018newparadigmcoverimageWinterPeople with a mental illness have poorer physical health and live between 14-23 years less than the general population, yet they receive less and

lower quality health care.

The theme of the latest edition of newparadigm arises from the work of the National Mental Health Commission towards bridging the life expectancy gap for people with mental illness through improved physical health.
The work in this edition shows there is an urgent need to act. It explores the physical toll on people with mental health issues as well as the many systemic and practice barriers that exist in mental health care. 
newparadigm Winter 2018 showcases the ground breaking work of academics, mental health professionals and organisations in this important area, including an introductory piece by the National Mental Health Commission and examples of interventions that are offering pathways to better practice and better health outcomes.

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