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Collaboration • Knowledge • Leadership


Little girl sits on a man's shoulders and peers through her circled fingers as if they are binoculars

Power sharing and the “long view” of implementation

25 June 2021
While there are many elements to the reform arising from the reports of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, I want to focus on two I think are vital to preparing for reforms:...
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Coproduction: Notes of caution

24 June 2021
Whatever led the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System to decide not to engage a consumer/survivor commissioner it, the decision was a missed opportunity.
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We are the waiting

22 June 2021
The Final Report of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System was received by family and friends in mental health with great enthusiasm and support. The excitement when meeting with...
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The little steps you keep on taking

17 June 2021
“The big steps are the little steps you keep on taking.” I can’t tell you who penned, voiced or authored this statement, but my year nine science teacher said it all the time. As an adult I’ve foun...
Victorian state budget booklet cover features smiling girls in school uniforms and the title Creating Jobs, Caring for Victorians

A lived experience perspective on Victoria’s mental health budget

26 May 2021

The news of a record investment in mental health in the Victorian State Budget was very welcome. Some concerns I have had regarding the implementation of the massive and comprehensive reforms recommended by the Royal Commission have been addressed.