New NDIS training hub tailored to workers on the go


Today Mental Health Victoria has launched its Psychosocial Learning Hub (PLH), a bespoke learning platform for NDIS workers who provide supports to people living with a psychosocial disability or mental ill-health.

Co-designed with NDIS workers and comprehensively tested over the past year, the hub aims to provide affordable, flexible, targeted training, using micro-learning techniques designed to accommodate busy and mobile workers.

"Over the past few years MHV has noted the workforce changes and challenges resulting from the introduction of the NDIS, and has engaged in co-design processes with NDIS providers, participants, and workers to respond to these needs," said Senior Training Project Officer Rita Sidlauskas.

"The PLH is the outcome of this long process, and aims to offer much needed professional development to upskill a growing and mobile workforce, while recognising the unique working environment of the NDIS."

Click here for more information about the PLH.