MHV Submission on the Royal Commission Terms of Reference

On 25 January 2019, Mental Health Victoria delivered its submission on the Terms of Reference to the Victorian Mental Health Royal Commission. 

The submission was formed with input from numerous stakeholders across the mental health sector as well as organisations and peak bodies intersecting with mental health services.

Mental Health Victoria has made 12 recommendations for the Royal Commission to consider in the design and focus of the Terms of Reference:

  • Embed key principles across all areas, including, human rights and recovery
  • Focus on efficient and meaningful data collection
  • Examine mental illness across the lifespan
  • Investigate service models across the spectrum of mental health service provision
  • Research and identify local and international best-practice and innovation
  • Consider the specific needs of particular populations
  • Focus on early intervention to prevent mental illness
  • Consider and report on workforce implications
  • Focus on the forensic system, the justice system and alternatives to incaceration 
  • Look at suicide prevention across the lifespan
  • Consider supports for family and carers of people with mental illness
  • Complete the Commission with 18 months

Read the full submission here. 

Read the media release here.