Premier announces Victorian Royal Commission into Mental Health

Mental health Victoria welcomes the announcement on 24 October that a re-elected Labor Government will launch a Royal Commission into Mental Health.

We expect that a Royal Commission will expose serious gaps in our ailing mental health system and the recommendations will bind future governments into funding the system to meet the needs of all Victorians.

Despite some recent budget commitments, access to services remains a serious issue for many Victorians experiencing mental illness, their families and carers. Mental Health Victoria wants to see an ongoing commitment to mental health even before the Royal Commission hands down its findings, particularly in the areas of community mental health and suicide prevention.

The Commonwealth also has a critical role to play. A key area of concern is the gap between Medicare funded services such as GPs and the state funded hospital system. Many Victorians have few options but to present at hospital emergency departments. We must do everything we can to prevent Victorians getting so unwell that they need to go to hospital.

The Terms of Reference for the Royal Commission will be the key to its success. Mental Health Victoria stands ready to work with the Government on the establishment of the Royal Commission. Read MHV’s full media release.