Reforms And The State Election - July 2014

This member forum provided an overview of the outcomes of the PDRSS reforms in Victoria, and considered the key issues to be taken into the 2014 State Election.

Presentations included:

  • Kate Patterson, Mental Health Victoria, who examined the outcomes and impacts of the reforms.
  • A panel of services who discussed the key changes in the way services are delivered.
  • Michael Janssen, Each described how the intake and assessment is progressing under the MHCSS model.
  • Mark Smith, Prahran Mission; and Rachel Green, Care Connect described the implementation of Individual Support Packages under the MHCSS model. Click here for Mark's presentation, and here for Rachel's.
  • Kim Koop, Mental Health Victoria, described the vision for the future of mental health services in Victoria. Click here to access Kim's presentation.
  • Debra Parnell, Mental Health Victoria, sought input on the Mental Health Victoria's State Election Platform.

Feedback and discussions from the forum will be incorporated into the Mental Health Victoria State Election platform, and an announcement will be made through factsline e-Newsletter when further information is made available.

If you would like more details about the Mental Health Victoria election platform please contact Debra Parnell, Manager Policy and Communications on (03) 9519 7000.