NDIS Forum - October 2013

The focus of this member forum was What does the  implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) mean for mental health in Victoria? Feedback has been compiled into a report, available here.

Over the course of the day, several different perspectives on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) were offered and discussed, with question and answer sessions following each presentation.

The day also included a number of small group discussion sessions, which allowed time for participants to reflect on and discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities for mental health sectors and interest groups in the transition to NDIS. A report which analyses the information gathered during these sessions is available here.

The day began with an introduction by Kim Koop, CEO of Mental Health Victoria. Kim mentioned a document published by MIT Leadership Center, entitled "Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty". A summary of the document is available here.

Josh Fear, Director of Policy and Projects, from the Mental Health Council Australia (MHCA) then discussed the national perspective on the implementation of NDIS, and the work being undertaken by MHCA. This included an overview of the programs which appear to be in scope of funding, a summary of the support tiers, and discussion of key issues and future directions. The presentation is available here. For information on the activities of MHCA on NDIS visit their website.

This session was followed by detailed presentations of the issues encountered by services, consumers and carers in the Barwon launch site.

Sally Wall, Manager with Karingal – Transcend, presented the experiences of service providers in the launch site. Sally detailed the challenges as well as some celebrations which Karingal and consumers have experienced during the implementation of the NDIS. The presentation is available here.

Nathan Grixti, PHAMS and Peer Support Worker with Karingal, offered the consumer perspective on the hopes and challenges under NDIS. Nathan expressed the uncertainty and concern which was felt by many consumers, but also detailed the hopes and opportunities which NDIS offers. The presentation is available here.

This was followed by Emma Ladd, Quality and Service Development Regional Manager, from the Mental Illness Fellowship Design Fund Project. Emma offered findings on how a new way of delivering mental health could benefit consumers and carers. The presentation is available here.

The final presentation of the day was from Toni van Hamond, Senior Local Area Coordinator with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). Toni gave the NDIA perspective on implementation of NDIS to date, and reiterated the eligibility criteria for psychosocial disability as well as the processes of planning and assessment. The presentation is available this link

Over the course of the day, the Shergold Report "A roadmap for community and human services reform" was also mentioned. It has now been released and is available here