Position statement: Integration


This position statement outlines the value of integrated care in servicing whole-of-person needs.
People’s lives are complex, with a broad range of factors impacting mental health and wellbeing. Integration addresses these complexities by ensuring that people can receive continuity of care across all domains of life, according to their needs and preferences over time. A continuum of integrated supports and services is therefore fundamental to servicing whole-of-person needs.


Key principles:

1. Integration must occur across all organisational levels to effectively respond to whole-of-person needs, from governance to direct service provision.

2. A whole-of-government approach to integration is necessary to create a foundation for collaboration between government departments and across service sectors.

3. Inter-sectoral relationships facilitate the provision of whole-of-person care by capitalising on the specialist skills, knowledge and perspectives of different sector workforces.

4. Workforce training and upskilling on the provision of whole-of-person care across sectors is vital to integrated service delivery.

5. Continuity of care provides seamless service delivery when people transition between services, sectors and institutions, including when their needs, age or location change.

6. Care coordination and case management assist people to navigate, access and transition between services and sectors as part of comprehensive treatment and support.

7. Integrated research, data collection and evaluation that address all domains of life provide valuable insight into the complex realities of people’s lives.


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