Position statement: Workforce


This position statement outlines the essential considerations for a well-functioning mental health workforce.
A well-functioning mental health workforce is critical to the delivery of services that support the care and treatment of people living with mental health issues. Safe and effective treatment, care and support in the mental health system can only be delivered by a workforce that is sufficiently sized, skilled, supported, distributed and diversified. This requires a multidisciplinary workforce which includes people from diverse backgrounds and with a range of life experiences, professional qualifications, skills and capabilities. When considering a mental health workforce, prevention and early intervention must be a focus in addition to responsive treatments and supports.


Key principles:

1. Long-term expansion of the mental health workforce is necessary to ensure adequate human resources to deliver a safe and effective mental health system.

2. Sustainable growth of the mental health workforce requires ongoing strategic attraction and retention initiatives, particularly in rural and regional areas.

3. Education, training and professional development opportunities facilitate learning and innovation, and promote cultures of inquiry, which are essential to the delivery of safe, effective and evidence-based care.

4. Fostering safety, wellbeing and empowerment in the workplace is critical to protecting workers from workplace hazards and supporting them to discharge their roles safely and sustainably.

5. Distribution of the mental health workforce equitably across regional and rural areas is vital to service accessibility.

6. In relevant settings, multidisciplinary teams provide a critical mix of skills that can address the complex and varied mental health needs of individuals.


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